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Fans embrace UEFA EURO 2020 with record number of ticket requests

UEFA EURO 2020, which will mark the tournament’s 60th anniversary by staging matches in 12 host countries across Europe this summer, has attracted a record number of ticket requests.

In the ticketing sales phase for fans of qualified teams in December 2019, supporters requested a record number of 8,977,427 million tickets, which is more than three times the number of tickets requested during the same sales phase for UEFA EURO 2016.

Following on from last summer’s successful general public sales (12 June – 12 July), when there were 19.3 million ticket applications, there has been an unprecedented total of approximately 28.3 million ticket requests for 2.5 million available tickets. Significantly, the overall number of tickets requested for EURO 2020 is double the amount of the total tickets requested for UEFA EURO 2016 - which means that this year’s edition of the EURO is enjoying the highest ticket demand ever.

For Hampden Park's games (15, 19, 23, 30 June 2020), Scotland fans have snapped up over 40% on average of tickets across the 4 matches, with the most popular so far being the round of 16 match on 30 June with 55% of tickets in Scottish hands. 

‘Fans First’ – affordable tickets for fans
The lowest-priced seats available at EURO 2020 matches accounted for more than half the tickets put on sale – €30 per ticket for group stage matches in Baku, Bucharest and Budapest, and €50 per ticket in other host cities.
In addition, a total of 40,000 ‘Fans First’ tickets for the semi-finals and the final in London were available for less than €100. Fans embrace Europe-wide tournament These impressive numbers provide clear proof that fans are responding enthusiastically to the first-ever Europe-wide tournament, which will feature 12 different host countries and give eight cities their first-ever taste of a EURO tournament.
The final of UEFA EURO 2020, set to take place at London’s Wembley Stadium on 12 July, attracted more than 714,000 ticket requests - almost eight times the ground’s capacity.  Similarly, the match between France and Germany, which will be staged in Munich on 16 June, attracted an impressive 710,000 requests for tickets.  Aside from the 12 host countries, there has been strong demand for tickets from fans in neighbouring countries, including Finland, Austria, France and Poland.
Significantly, 64% of ticket applications came from fans within host countries, emphasising that UEFA EURO 2020 will bring football closer to more local football fans than ever before. Next ticket sales in April for fans of teams who qualify through the play-offs.
Fans of the four teams who qualify through the European Qualifiers play-offs will be able to apply online for EURO 2020 tickets in early April. Any remaining tickets for any of the matches will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis closer to the tournament.
Fans wishing to re-sell their tickets will be able to do so via the official UEFA re-sale platform, which will go live at the end of February 2020. If tickets are sold, the original purchaser will receive their money back.
Official hospitality packages
Following the huge demand for regular tickets, official hospitality packages - offering a unique UEFA EURO 2020 world-class experience - continue to be on sale at

Games to be hosted at Hampden Park in 2021

Glasgow's UEFA EURO 2020 Fixtures

Monday 14 June

Group D match

Friday 18 June

Group D match

Tuesday 22 June

Group D match

Tuesday 29 June


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