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UEFA EURO 2020 General Information

The UEFA European Football Championship celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2020 and UEFA EURO 2020 will have a unique flavour to mark the occasion. For the first time in the competitions history, 12 nations will host the tournament in summer 2020, making this the biggest EURO yet. A record number of ticket sales are expected as EURO 2020 will be the most accessible tournament to date, offering more fans than ever before the chance to be part of this special competition. All 55 member nations will be taking part in the competition to decide which teams will secure the 24 places in the final. 12th June 2020 is the first EURO 2020 match to be played in Rome and the final is on 12th July 2020 in London.

Glasgow is one of 12 cities that will host UEFA EURO 2020, with Hampden Park having been selected as one of the host venues for three group games and a round of 16 match. Match dates are 15, 19, 23 and 30 June 2020. This is a unique opportunity for Glasgow and Scotland to host the best of football and celebrate with the whole country.

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The UEFA EURO 2020 Volunteer Programme will be the biggest volunteer programme in the history of the tournament requiring the support of around 12,000 volunteers across Europe. For this special edition of the tournament UEFA aims to implement a memorable Volunteer Programme across all venues.

The objective of the UEFA EURO 2020 Volunteer Programme is to integrate and gather the population across Europe, as well as creating a legacy for the host countries. Volunteers will act as ambassadors for the event and the host cities, putting in practice values of solidarity and fair play which link sport to volunteering.

The Host City are working closely with transport partners to provide additional capacity where required to ensure that the city can function efficiently during the tournament.  Tournament specific travel plans for are also being developed and will be published later this year.

During UEFA EURO 2020, there will be two separate volunteer programmes. The UEFA EURO 2020 Volunteer Programme, is managed by the local organising structure (LOS) and/or by the national association, and it covers volunteers’ activities around official tournament sites, namely stadiums and hotels. The Host City Programme, which is led by the 12 host cities, covers volunteers’ activities in key public spaces within the cities, non-stadium locations (e.g. fan zones) and non-official tournament sites.

Applying to be a UEFA EURO 2020 Volunteer

Volunteering for UEFA EURO 2020 will be a positive and rewarding experience. This will be your chance to help showcase Glasgow, Hampden Park and Scotland to a global audience, to make fantastic friendships with fellow volunteers and to gain invaluable skills and experience. One thing we can guarantee is that being a UEFA EURO 2020 Volunteer is a once in a lifetime experience which will leave you with lasting memories.

Online applications open on Thursday 6th June 2019. If your application is successful you will be invited to an informal interview at Hampden Park stadium between July and November. Tournament volunteers will be advised they have a role by the end of January 2020.

Applications for the UEFA EURO 2020 Volunteer Programme are now closed.

Applications opened on Thursday 6th June at 12 noon and closed on Sunday 15th September at midnight. 

The online application form should take no more than 30 minutes to complete. 

Yes online applications can be made via the link on a mobile phone or tablet. Should you have any technical issues when applying please email 

All interviews will be face to face at Hampden Park between July and November 2019. We require you to come to the stadium as part of the recruitment process where you will have the chance to try on a sample of the uniform in order for us to capture your sizes.

The UEFA EURO 2020 Volunteer Programme is open to everyone as long as you are at least 18 years old on the 1st May 2020. In order to volunteer for the UEFA EURO 2020 Volunteer programme in Glasgow, you must have UK/EU/EEA/Swiss Citizenship or Leave to Remain status in the UK from the submission of the volunteer application to the end of the UEFA EURO 2020 Tournament on 12 July 2020. For full information on the criteria for the volunteer programme, see the criteria section. 

Anyone interested in volunteering is welcome to apply. In order to volunteer for the UEFA EURO 2020 Volunteer programme in Glasgow, you must have UK/EU/EEA/Swiss Citizenship or Leave To Remain status in the UK from the submission of the volunteer application to the end of the UEFA EURO 2020 Tournament on 12 July 2020. 

Yes there is a minimum age requirement. You must be 18 years of age or over on 1st May 2020 to volunteer at UEFA EURO 2020.

No experience of volunteering is required to volunteer at UEFA EURO 2020. Full training will be provided to all volunteers before the tournament begins.

Due to the requirements of each programme it is unlikely that you would be able to undertake a role with both the UEFA EURO 2020 Volunteer Programme and the Host City Volunteer Programme and therefore, if you have applied to both programmes and have been successful, we urge you to carefully consider which role you would most like to undertake and speak to the respective Volunteer Management Teams. 

There will be a range of different volunteer roles at Hampden Park and other offical UEFA venues around the city. Check out the volunteer operating areas section of the website. You will be asked in the application form what area you would prefer to volunteer in. Please note that this is only a preference and you may be offered another volunteering area based on your interview and availability.

Volunteer interviews will take place at Hampden Park from July to November 2019.

As a minimum, we request that all volunteers are available for the 4 match days based at Hampden Park. Volunteer roles are varied; some will begin in May 2020 as we prepare for the tournament, whilst others will include the days leading up to the 4 match days. The length of your involvement will depend on your volunteer role. You have the opportunity to indicate your availability within the application form and we will discuss this with you further during the process.

You will only be considered for one role in a volunteer operating area. You will not be able to volunteer in multiple areas but could be asked to help out with other roles within that volunteer operating area.

There are 12 UEFA EURO 2020 Volunteer Programmes across Europe. You can only apply for one Volunteer Programme in one of the 12 host cities. 

All volunteers must be proficient in English and or British Sign Language. If you can speak an additional language then let us know in your application as this may be helpful in certain roles as people from all over Europe will be visiting the stadium.

The majority of roles are based in and around the stadium. There also will be a small number of roles based at other key official UEFA locations such as airports and hotels and transport hubs.

UEFA EURO 2020 Volunteer Information

Volunteers will be provided with free transport when travelling to their volunteering location as part of their role for the duration of the competition. This will be within a defined geographical distance of the city centre and Hampden Park. Travel assistance will also be provided for those attending training. Full details of the proposal will be available closer to the event.

All volunteers will receive a UEFA EURO 2020 Adidas volunteer uniform.

Yes, there will be refreshments and meals provided to all volunteers. More details on this will be made available further on in the programme.

All volunteers will have to organise their own accommodation if required, to fulfil their role as a volunteer.

You will be provided with a Volunteer uniform and accreditation pass which you will be required to wear at all times whilst performing your role. Some roles may also require you to be issued with specific equipment in order to fulfil your role.

We are committed to supporting a diverse range of volunteers and ensuring that everyone has access to the UEFA EURO 2020 Volunteer Programme. A Volunteer Support Pot will be made available which will enable volunteers who face barriers to volunteering to apply for financial support. The Volunteer Support Pot is a small discretionary fund to help volunteers who may need extra financial help. Our aim is to ensure all volunteers enjoy their experience. More details will be found on the website soon. For more information on this fund please contact

Due to the fact that many of the volunteers will have an active role on matchdays, volunteers will not be provided with seats to watch matches as spectators. Volunteers will also have the possibility, if they are not on mission, to watch matches together during special screenings in the volunteer centres.

The Host City Volunteer Programme is hosted separately to the UEFA EURO 2020 Volunteer Programme. Applications are currently closed for this programme. 

No, you will still have to apply through the ballot for tickets like the general public. However, please note that the minimum requirement for availability of our volunteers is the 4 match days (15, 19, 23, 30 June 2020), so if you were to become a volunteer you would not be able to attend the matches as a spectator.

Hampden Park is a no smoking venue, including e-cigarettes and vaping, and this is not permitted anywhere within the Stadium. Smoking is not permitted within the venue and spectator areas during the tournament.

All Volunteer Background checks will be conducted in 2020 ahead of the tournament once all volunteers are confirmed. Volunteers will only be contacted in the event that the outcome of their background check does not meet the security requirements or if we need further information to assist us with the check.

Receiving and Accepting a Volunteer Role

Volunteer offers will be staggered throughout late November, December and January. We appreciate your continued patience throughout this period and please be assured we will be in touch to communicate the outcome of your application as soon as possible.

We cannot guarantee that we will still be able to offer you a volunteer role for UEFA EURO 2020 if you do not accept within 7 days of your offer. However, please do contact the Volunteer Management Team at to check in any instance.

All applicants are carefully considered and matched with an appropriate volunteer role based on their application, availability and interview outcome.  The UEFA EURO 2020 Volunteer Management Team are unable to guarantee you will be offered another role if you do not accept the one you have been offered. If you feel for any reason you will be unable to fulfil the volunteer mission you have been offered please contact us on

All applicants are carefully considered and matched with an appropriate volunteer role based on their application, availability and interview outcome.  We are unable to guarantee that friends or family member will be able to volunteer in the same role or operating area or ensure that shifts are scheduled for the same times due to different area requirements.

More information regarding your role will be communicated in the coming months. You will also be invited to attend and complete volunteer training for your role in Spring 2020. Please contact the UEFA EURO 2020 Volunteer management team by email at with any questions you have regarding your offered role. You can also read more about all of the operating areas here

Please contact the UEFA EURO 2020 Volunteer Management team on to explain the issue you are having. Where possible please include screenshots and as much detail as possible about the issue you are having.

The Volunteer Portal

Please use the “Forgot password” link on the log-in page to request a password reset. Please note any emails for password reset will be sent to the original email address you created your volunteer account with. Please note this may not be the same email address you receive your volunteer communications to.

This is likely to be happening due to your browser settings and set-up. Please enter your details, click login to continue and if returned to the same page click in the browser address bar and hit return to refresh the page.

Please click the here for a direct link to the volunteer portal. You can also copy and paste the link into your browser address bar - If you continue to encounter issues, please try clearing your history on your browser settings including cookies and cache and ensure that the volunteer portal website address is not on your list of blocked websites or pop-ups.

Unsuccessful Volunteer Applications

It is our aim to inform all applicants of the outcome of their application by February 2020. We will be staggering offers throughout December and January and will also inform all unsuccessful candidates by February 2020.

We are unable to offer individual feedback for unsuccessful applicants.

Keep an eye on to find out all the latest news on UEFA EURO 2020. 

Volunteer Mission Schedules

That’s great! Please email and let us know your updated availability which will be recorded in your volunteer profile and acknowledged during scheduling.

On the volunteer portal you will be presented with the average number of shifts associated with the role you have been offered. Please be aware this is just a guideline and the average has been calculated based on the shifts associated with that role across all 12 host cities. The UEFA EURO 2020 Volunteer team will be in touch closer to the tournament with your volunteer schedule.

Volunteer Training

All volunteers will be provided with training to ensure they are able to perform their assigned roles. Training will be a combination of e-learning that you can access online and face to face training. The training period varies for each role but Volunteers are expected to attend at least 2 training sessions including role specific training and venue specific training. Some specialist roles such as drivers may require an additional training session.

The Volunteer Kick-off event is the first official training event for UEFA EURO 2020. All successful volunteers will be invited to attend the training event which will provide an overview of the tournament and general training as well an opportunity to socialise and meet fellow volunteers for first time. The volunteer kick-off event is likely to take place in April or May 2021.

Volunteer training is likely to take place between May 12th and June 11th 2021. The volunteer management team will be in contact with more information later this year.

UEFA will invite you to take part in online training. E-learning is a series of training modules that we encourage all volunteers to complete to prepare you for your volunteer role and ensure you have the best volunteer experience possible. Depending on your assigned role you may have a varying number of E-learning modules to complete.

Depending on your assigned volunteer role you may be invited to attend a training mission or a number of training missions on site at the stadium or respective UEFA site. These training missions will be prior to your tournament time missions commencing and will comprise of a face-to-face training session including practical elements related to your role and will be delivered by your operating area manager. At these trainings you will receive details on your role as well as important information about the venue, security and health & safety.


Volunteers keep an eye on your emails to find out how your applications are progressing.

Games to be hosted at Hampden Park in 2021

Glasgow's UEFA EURO 2020 Fixtures

Monday 14 June

Group D match

Friday 18 June

Group D match

Tuesday 22 June

Group D match

Tuesday 29 June


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